And When I Need You Most

And When I Need You Most

i can’t seem to find my way
lost in cloudless sky

you are the reason why i have been waiting so long
too long
but we are never together,
maybe we should
or perhaps not

but we are wasting away

i try to believe in all your words, the knife that stuck my back
i try to grow with your conscience, hating everything about myself

i should come down on my own
but we are both just dreams,
everything that is gone
holding on to something


believing in finding a way,
can’t seem to find,
lost my thought
craving for insanity
everything that we believe

are dust
hopes of the never after

and we can never find our way home

and when i need you most
when this gun is finished with me
borrow me your soul
we’ll fly away
shoot ourselves in the head

maybe then,

but only when i need you most.


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